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Kafka: Merlin was right... I couldn't stop myself... back when the last post on this board was my goodbye to Merlin, 40% of the posts on this edition of the gossip board were banana-related and 3% of all the words that appeared on this gossip page was either "ba nana," "bananas" or some derivative thereof (i.e. "bananalanis"). - 1999.07.01--01:03:35
The Banana Overlords: SIC SEMPER BANANIS!!!! - 1999.07.01--01:04:03
bananaLanis: HELP! HELP! I made and ate tomato and corn soup last night! I'm being TAKEN OVER FROM THE INSIDE!!! - 1999.07.01--03:28:06
aLanis: Merlin - have a wonderful summmer!!! - 1999.07.01--04:22:23
TomatoVisionGirl: Gee...now tomatoes are being ignored. Lovely tomatoes! All for the sake of...Bananas??? Tomatoes are much more versatile than bananas...plus, well..they have their perks. (specially when it's cold?) %-) - 1999.07.01--08:06:23
Kafka: well, it looks like alt.soc.bananas-are-evil is down again... so here I am - 1999.07.01--09:07:32
aLanis: oh geez, the tomatoes are getting competetive with the banana's? yey if we camn get their soggy selves to work against each other, we'll all be safe! - 1999.07.01--09:12:02
TomatoesUnite!!: Tomatoes are NOT evil. dammit. :) - 1999.07.01--09:15:13
Kafka: Yes, there is some conflict between the tomatoes and the bananas. The tomatoes are old-world evil, part of the world of witches and demon possessions -- in fact, the forbidden fruit was not an apple but a plum tomato, according to many theological expert s. The banana, however, has since taken over, in a world where many people are too skeptical to believe in the insidious power of the tomato. The banana is the evil of the CEO, the evil of bad movies on Cinemax, the evil of the obnoxious guy talking on the cell phone in line at the grocery store... it's a newer, streamlined evil. - 1999.07.01--09:15:51
aLanis: Okay i was going to say something tomato here but I just have to bow to kafka's conflict comment - you crack me up!!!! - 1999.07.01--09:18:40
kerowyn: I am back from the evil real world just for my best bunnies the CN happyfunkafkabrenalanismerlin people ;p . DID you know, eating a banana before bed causes some people to have nightmares. Hmm?? HMM!! it kinda makes you THINK!@ God knows we don't want t o have that happen around CN :p - 1999.07.01--09:20:48
Kafka: *Kafka bows and shows off a little tomato in the process...* - 1999.07.01--09:21:04
Kafka: Thinking on CN? What next? - 1999.07.01--09:21:54
kerowyn: I am back from the evil real world just for my best bunnies the CN happyfunkafkabrenalanismerlin people ;p . DID you know, eating a banana before bed causes some people to have nightmares. Hmm?? HMM!! it kinda makes you THINK!@ God knows we don't want t o have that happen around CN :p - 1999.07.01--09:22:49
kerowyn: I am back from the evil real world just for my best bunnies the CN happyfunkafkabrenalanismerlin people ;p . DID you know, eating a banana before bed causes some people to have nightmares. Hmm?? HMM!! it kinda makes you THINK!@ God knows we don't want t o have that happen around CN :p - 1999.07.01--09:23:15
kerowyn: I am back from the evil real world just for my best bunnies the CN happyfunkafkabrenalanismerlin people ;p . DID you know, eating a banana before bed causes some people to have nightmares. Hmm?? HMM!! it kinda makes you THINK!@ God knows we don't want t o have that happen around CN :p - 1999.07.01--09:23:55
alanis: KAFKA HAS TOMATO BOOBIES!!! - 1999.07.01--09:23:59
Bren: OoOoOh nice tomatoes kafka!!!!!!!!! *DROOL* - 1999.07.01--09:23:59
kerowyn: Mew!(tm) - 1999.07.01--09:24:28
kerowyn: ERP How did my comment get posted 3 times?? I'm not brainwashing people against the Bananaevil enough am I. They're out to get me... they reload my pages at random. arghhghhgh it makes me want to squeeze the soft fruity bit from the peel and watch it hit the ceiling from the pressure!! - 1999.07.01--09:26:55
kerowyn: And for the record, my comment about the evilBanana(tm) did not sound pornographic at all. NOPE. - 1999.07.01--09:27:58
Kafka: "Oh no, not pornographic at all," says the girl with the tomato boobs. - 1999.07.01--09:29:10
alanis: hehe be thankful - it could be worse, it could be BANANA BOOBIES!!! - 1999.07.01--09:31:02
Kafka: Erk... banana boobies? I don't know if I even want to picture that... - 1999.07.01--09:32:25
kerowyn: ohmai, mine eyes *cringe* *quickly gets something to clear that image fastfast* - 1999.07.01--09:35:31
Kafka: Okay, kerowyn, here's an image: a girl with a cakey layer of foundation, drawn-on eyebrows that slowly melt, and a leopard-print bustier... - 1999.07.01--09:37:51
kerowyn: :o!!!! NOOOOO not.. not her... not INGRID#@! WAHHHH!!! *sob* *puts mad crazy anti-badblondieinleopardprint spray around the room* - 1999.07.01--09:40:54
Kafka: Yes, her! I just KNOW she's in cahoots with the bananas. - 1999.07.01--09:43:53
Banana-Lover: You are all insane. - 1999.07.01--09:47:08
kerowyn: *schnuffle* *trauma* - 1999.07.01--09:47:37
Kafka: There, there, Kerowyn... I have another image for you... a skinny boy from Tennessee with Boy George hair, waxed eyebrows and pvc clothes... "Ah'm a goth!" - 1999.07.01--09:52:34
Kafka: Oops, I think I scared Kerowyn away forever. Anyhow, to sum it all up, while I agree with alanis on the nature of bananas -- they're vile (and remember, vile can be rearranged to spell EVIL), but there are countless good things about tomatoes. Sorry, Al anis, I am joining the ranks of the big, red, squishy, seedy tomatoes after all :( But remember all the times we spent together and the way we valiantly took on the world of wicked fruits together... - 1999.07.01--13:38:51
cancerperson: Bananas are the elite's way of oppressing the masses. Carnavours of the world unite! Down with the phalic yellow non-meat items!!!! - 1999.07.01--23:13:03
Kafka: Damn straight! - 1999.07.01--23:38:15
Bren: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Happy birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear KAFKA.......Happy birthday to YouUuuuuUUUuu!!! :) - 1999.07.02--07:52:26
Kafka: BREEEEEN! Thank you! :~) - 1999.07.02--09:20:20
Kafka: Here's another post just to say how much I adore Alanis...!!! There's nothing like having "Happy Birthday" sung to you in Swedish... or getting a gigantic Swedish postcard from Alanis' mother! And the tomato and banana cake she baked me was delicious! - 1999.07.02--19:34:23
aLanis: *grin* See - july 2'nd is TOO a good date to be born on, because you are and then it has to be good. OOO cheesy. I love you, thoguh - even though you are a big OOZY SMELLY BANANA. See? heheh. *snog* - 1999.07.03--01:36:49
Kafka: Can I do line breaks like this? - 1999.07.03--03:58:46
Kafka: Apparently not... ah well... anyhow, here's some lyrics for Bananalanis: - 1999.07.03--03:59:14
Kafka: "On planet Earth, I'll probably stay. On planet Earth -- it's a place to live your life. Where pleasure follows pain, people go insane, fly around planes, pray that it won't rain, drive around in cars, get drunk at local bars, dream of being stars. Wel l, I've lived all my life on Planet Earth." - 1999.07.03--04:04:29
Meanwhile on CN: [aLanis] heheh i ate a banana yesterday - 1999.07.05--04:12:51
aLanis: [KafKa] (...)I just turned into a banana blah - 1999.07.05--04:14:29
Kafka: As you can see from this tragedy, it's too late for us. The bananas have taken control of us. Who could it be next? It could be a neighbor, a good friend, a family member, maybe even YOU. It's too late for me and alanis, but it's just one tragic loss in the great war against the bananas. YOU can do your part to fight back! Don't let all humanity be overrun by the Banana Menace! - 1999.07.05--04:17:24
aLanis: ..which incidentaly was supposed to be the real title for the new Star Wars movie, but test audiences were so terrified at seeing the brave Jedi's being taken over by The Banana's that they had to re-shoot and re-name the whole thing. Why'd you think it t ook'em 20 yars? - 1999.07.05--04:19:16
Kafka: *psst, alanis, now that the bananas have defeated us...what do we talk about now?* - 1999.07.05--04:22:10
aLanis: Hmmm. That's tough. I find that being a banana makes it hard to think about anything else, really. Eek. We're doomed :( - 1999.07.05--04:23:35
Kafka: I just bought a desk lamp. We could always talk about that. - 1999.07.06--01:37:18
Bren: Swing arm? or just a standard lamp? - 1999.07.06--08:29:57
Kafka: It's a goose-necked brushed chrome table lamp! - 1999.07.06--08:55:41
Bren: oOooOoOOOooOOOOOoooOOOOoOOoOOOoOOoOOo - 1999.07.06--17:41:18
Kafka: Oh yes, it also has a [dramatic pause] on/off switch! - 1999.07.08--13:30:42
Bren: Wow that *WAS* a dramatic pause...2 days long in fact :) - 1999.07.09--14:24:49
Kafka: Well, it's a very dramatic lamp, what can I say? - 1999.07.09--23:31:04
[God of Spod]: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE. I DEMAND TO KNOW. - 1999.07.11--00:04:40
[Devil of Spods]: IT'S ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS, GOS, AND YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW. - 1999.07.11--03:17:12
MooseBoy: Where's cn? :-( - 1999.07.11--23:20:41
meRLy: I'm back! ( for an hour anyway)...A HUGEHUGEHUGE snog to EVERYONE! :) Kerowyn is back! Hooray! :) Things are fine with me - thank you for your summer wishes. Take care and WRITE! :) LOTS of HUGE SmOOchiES for aLanisKafkaKerowyn! 8) xxxxx - 1999.07.12--04:05:00
meRLe: I can't connect to cirrus 8( - 1999.07.12--04:06:29
meRLyfLuFF: Happy (belated) B'Day to KAFKA! :):):) - 1999.07.12--04:20:45
Bren: I can't get there either, merlin...who broke CN?? - 1999.07.12--08:21:37
Kafka: It was an accident, Bren. You see, aLanis and I were playing ball in the house and I told her to throw it to me and I forgot that CN was on the table behind me. I almost caught it, but it slipped through my hands and hit CN, knocked it off the table and it broke. We're sorry and we'll never do it again? :( - 1999.07.13--03:58:41
Kafka: ACTUALLY... I know who did it... but... I won't say the word... - 1999.07.13--04:02:09
aLanis: oh, so now i'm a WORD?oops - 1999.07.13--04:06:24
Kafka: No... hint...begins with a b. And it isn't "bitterfly!" - 1999.07.13--04:08:02
Bitterfly: And no, that wasn't a typo. I am the Bitterfly >-( SO VERY BITTER! BITTER THAT CN WAS DOWN >-( - 1999.07.13--04:08:59
aLanis: OH MY GHOD IT'S BANANAS!!!!!! - 1999.07.13--04:09:22
Kafka: Who else?!? - 1999.07.13--04:10:40
Bitterball: I AM EVEN MORE BITTER. I'M SO BITTER, IT HURTS!!!! |< - 1999.07.13--04:10:50
Kafka: I would tell more, but the bananas caught me and poisoned my drink, so I'm going to go to bed... no doubt they will erase my memory as I sleep. But that's what happens when you tangle with bananas. - 1999.07.13--04:13:43
Kafka: Good night, alanis! - 1999.07.13--04:14:19
Kafka: Here's a big *smooch* to merlin for the birthday greetings both on here and in my mailbox! Wow! :) - 1999.07.14--12:00:41
Jamie: Puppy! I love you! I miss you! Drachen, if you are alive, let me know! Master, I miss you tons too! Yeah, I'm loved!! I found Jag again, too! Sweet! WTG Jamie! - 1999.07.18--17:49:16
Kafka: Hopefully, it's only me who can't get onto CN at the moment, right? - 1999.07.20--09:39:35
diXie: wow nothing like catching up on some stuff...i mean i know i have been gone for such along time but wow....theres been some new people and like alot of things just pop up when your not a regular anymore....damn..looks like i need to visit a little more of ten....have a good day all.... - 1999.07.21--08:01:24
sunshinE: haLLo! i've been away tooo long, hehehe! just wanted ta say "hi!" and "wha's up?!" to all my net.buddies *wink if you know who you are, hehehehe*! wha's this 'bout bananas? fruit? mmmm, LYCHEE!!! NEone comin' to TO NEtime soon, da next lychee bubble tea c hiller is on MOI. cheerios! - 1999.07.28--17:46:09
meRLy: HI! Spodding at the local library....sheesh I'm sad :P Having a great summer and missing you all loads 8( Much love and sNoggLeS xxxxx - 1999.07.30--06:21:58
meRLy: -still- can't connect to Cirrus, how incredibly sucky =( - 1999.07.30--06:42:00
meRLy: *insert HUGE hugs and snogs for everyone I know* - 1999.07.30--06:43:00
aLanis: *insert even BIGGER hug and snog* - i can't believe you called me, merlin! love ya, hon :) - 1999.07.31--02:21:23
Kafka: Yaaaay... bubble tea! - 1999.08.01--07:59:59
Kafka: Hmm... a certain unnamed spod whose name rhymes with "bananis" recently sent me a necklace in the mail featuring two evil bananas, chasing teddy bears in their pyjamas... is this a sign that he/she is aligned with the bananas? I think so! In fact, come to think of it... his/her name almost rhymes with "bananas!" I smell a conspiracy and it smells just like a gooey, mushy, bruised, sticky, rotting banana!!! - 1999.08.01--08:03:46
balanis mutters: . o 0 (dammit! have i been found out? i hope the tomatoes don't hear of this or they'll know i'm secretly aligned with the bananas! ooo, luscious, oozing yellow brown bananas.... *sigh*!) - 1999.08.03--05:17:36
Kafka: Gee whiz, alanis, way to lust over bananas! - 1999.08.13--09:13:20
owl: Oh, I get it ! So this is like a little private newspaper thingy...and any comments that aren't deemed acceptable are then edited out...ohhhh...sure, I can understand that...uh huh. - 1999.08.14--08:42:04
owl: Oh, and I have another question.....how many "characters" is any one resident allowed to have on CN? - 1999.08.14--08:43:29
owl: Oh, and one more quick question....is that "character" thingy different for the staff? Just wondering. - 1999.08.14--08:47:04
Kafka: Since I know this question pertains to me this morning, I'll answer it. I'm trying to nuke and rename, however, I realized after I ressed the new named character that the other staff members on at the time couldn't nuke me because I need an admin. I have let the admin know about what's going on and have asked them to nuke my old character as soon as possible. - 1999.08.14--11:00:41
owl: You know what I really like about you Kafka...and I mean this sincerely....you shoot straight from the hip...no "anonymous" postings or game playing....well of course for the fun game playing....and almost ALL of us like to do that! :) *snogs* to the masses!!! :) - 1999.08.14--11:24:03
owl : Hey, you people....I know you're just spodding and playing...so, get off your duffs and come help me get my art room ready!!!!! I need some help here!! - 1999.08.14--11:24:49
owl: oh, I really meant that btw....get here and help me!!!!! - 1999.08.14--11:25:30
owl: oh,and BTW.....frodis ---> have a sgortly day!!! :) - 1999.08.14--11:26:46
owl: oh, and cp .... don't forget, we want to see you in that tux!!!!! :) - 1999.08.14--11:29:06
SpamSpam&GreenEggs: wow, owl is such a happy person, I'd sure hate to be the people she's talking so badly about! I do have one question, why isn't she staff? she seems so versed in right & wrong!! owl for su! owl for su! :):):) - 1999.08.14--12:56:50
owl: LOL! Yes, SpamSpam, I *am* a happy person :) I wonder why that bothers some people? And, I never feel the need to post anonymously, like some people do! :) Come on GreenEggs....are you green because you're envious? LOL!! Let's all just try to be friends, eh?? *snogs* to the masses!!!! And I STILL need help with this room!!! - 1999.08.14--13:07:54
owl: Oh, and I almost forgot *hugs* for my buddy Iris!!! :) - 1999.08.14--13:10:08
SpamSpam&GreenEggs: Envious? of you? NOOO I admire you! that's why I posted that, now I can see you're not so happy 8-( - 1999.08.14--13:10:26
owl: oh yah, and a {{snog}} for Hamlet!!! Are you out there??? We miss ya!!! :) - 1999.08.14--13:10:52



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